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Vegan Bites

Vegan Delights our vegan edition to our Savory Menu

"Sante Fe"

 Avocado, sweet red peppers, sweet corn and black beans. (served on a bed of sweet corn & black beans)

"Sweet Potato"

Sweet potato (yams), walnuts, w/ a touch of honey & spices. (on a Kale, walnut salad bed)

"The Italian"

Mashed potato, spinach, vegan mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, onions & Italian seasoning. (served on a tomato, garlic & basil pasta sauce)

"Sweet Plantain Mon"

Mashed fried Sweet plantain. (served on a bed of sautéed calaloo drizzled w/our jerk mango passion sauce)

"Buff Chick"

Cauliflower rice and mashed pumpkin. (served on a bed of celery & carrots drizzled w/our vegan buffalo chicken sauce)

This Season's Flavors

Vanilla Sponge Champagne infused (Jan)

Patron & Lime (Jan)

Hot Cocoa (Winter)

Strawberries & Champagne (Winter)

Vegan Delightfuls

Our "Small Plate" version of our vegan bites

"Sassy Teriyaki"

Crumbled broccoli, carrots, cabbage & bean sprouts. (served on a short grain brown rice, drizzled w/ our vegan chicken teriyaki sauce)


Lite vegan mac & cheese balls. (served on a mashed caramelized sweet potatoes/yams bed, drizzled w/ our vegan turkey gravy).


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